Textiles & technologies united.

We implement 3D softwares in designing clothes in order to empower ethical choices in fashion & textile industries.

Our virtual fashonistas!
3D fashion platform features

We aim to develop a platform for Fashion & Textiles that will make an impact on the industry while inspiring the artists to evolve and communicate through 3D

Digital Clothes

They help us visualize the products and make adjustments in the fit or the colorways before production, so we basically decrease waste.

Shoes & Accessories

Nowadays we can use 3D softwares to develop designs for a lot of accessories starting from sunglasses or jewelry and moving to even more complex types of shoes.

Virtual Styling & Animation

Virtual styling in 3D is a real upgrade since the outfits are now shown from every angle and into minor details. Videos of animated avatars dressed in the virtual samples are another level of doing marketing and sales as a designer.

Web Fashion Viewer

Browse through the latest designer styles using our viewer. We made sure you get a glimpse into our Meta Fashion Station and get to know our everyday girl heroes with not so ordinary fabric compositions and personalities.



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Our Team

An original team of creators designers & dreamers.

Filip Lazovski
Software Developer

The possibilities of 3D immersiveness are endless in todays age. Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Angela Donevska
3D Fashion Designer

As an author of this platform I must admit that i firmly believe that 3D Apparel Design may become a necessity for future development and improvements in both fashion and textile industries.

Marjan Bebekoski
Fashion Designer

Years ago this was unbelievable and strange but nowadays using 3D not only in fashion but in other industries seems so logical and useful.

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